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My name is Dr Mamuda Aminu (MD, MPH, PhD); I'm based in Liverpool, UK.

Over 15 years of experience in clinical practice, medical research and scientific /medical writing gained from healthcare practice, pharma, research and medical education. With a strong track record in team leadership, a passion for accuracy and an eye for detail, I’ve worked in HEOR, market access, medical education and publications.

Educational background

  • PhD Tropical Medicine (International Public Health), University of Liverpool
  • MSc International Public Health, University of Liverpool
  • MBBS (Medicine) UDU Sokoto

Key achievements in medical writing

I’ve been fortunate to have:

Dr Aminu

Dr M Aminu

  • Researched and written scientific documents in some of the most prestigious health research institutions in the world, and have authored several peer-reviewed publications.
  • Led multiple scientific / medical writing teams in academia and the pharmaceutical industry, gaining vast experience in technical writing, multidisciplinary collaboration, and effective leadership.
  • Worked with several pharmaceutical companies to identify and deliver core messages for a variety of audiences, ensuring high-quality communication and bringing value to patients, healthcare providers, managers and the pharma industry.
  • Served as a consultant for top health authorities, including the WHO and UNICEF, to design and write globally influential scientific documents, including clinical guidelines, SOPs and reports.
  • Reviewed and edited scientific documents for high profile clinical research globally. I also currently serve as a reviewer for multiple international medical journals, including The Lancet, BMC Public Health and PLOS ONE.
  • Trained 1000s of frontline healthcare providers in over 20 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia. I've taught, mentored and supervised 100s of postgraduate (MSc and PhD) students to write scientific publications and their dissertations.
  •  Won several awards from global giants in health research and education, including the University of Liverpool, Ford Foundation, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the Stillbirth Alliance.

However, I get the most satisfaction when I meet business goals and deadlines by helping to deliver high-quality scientific outputs on time. I focus on three things: results, accuracy and speed!

My clients

I primarily work with pharmaceutical and medical device companies, medical communications (medcomms) agencies and NGOs/charities in areas such as anti-infectives, oncology, medical devices, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, rare diseases, etc.

  • PHARMACEUTICAL & MEDICAL DEVICE COMPANIES: I help with regulatory submissions, to write, review and edit proposals, ethics submissions, clinical study reports, protocols, SOPs, data tools, consent forms, systematic reviews, manuscripts, abstracts, conference posters and presentations, etc.
  • MEDCOMMS AGENCIES: In addition to the above, I help to design and develop needs assessments, design solutions to fill the needs and deliver excellent results on time and within budget.
  • NGOs / CHARITIES: I help national and international NGOs/charities to design and develop scientific documents, including funding proposals, guidelines, etc.

What next?

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If you would like to discuss how to become a medical writer, you can book a free consultation here.

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